Why Would I Need a Orange County Car Accident Attorney?

Were you recently involved in a car accident in Orange County? If so, you will need to hire a car accident attorney as soon as possible. This is because your insurance company may just pick this moment as the one to let you down. If this occurs, you will need to file a car accident claim in court to get the full settlement that you deserve.

The reason you need to do so is apparent. You have medical bills that need to be paid. You also have very likely missed a great many days from work, possibly more than your amount of sick and vacation days will cover. You, therefore, are running low on cash and need to get your full settlement as absolutely soon as possible.

What Happens When Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Honor Your Claim?

If you have filed your claim with your insurance company and then received a rude surprise, you don’t have to accept it. Your insurance company may try to claim that you didn’t provide sufficient proof of your accident or the extent of your injuries. They may try to say that you waited too long to file your claim. They may even try to say that the amount of your claim is far in excess of what you are really owed.

Your insurance company may try to offer you an amount that is far less than what is adequate to cover your costs. They may even try to get away with offering you nothing at all. If they should try any of these shenanigans, your next course of action should be to pursue the matter in court.

Contact an Orange County Car Accident Attorney for More Info

When it comes to making sure that you will be covered for your accident, there is no better person to call than an Orange County car accident attorney. This is the legal expert who can help you recover all of the money that you have spent on medical treatment as well as the money that you have lost in missed wages from your job.

Your Orange County car accident attorney is also the ally who will help you get the legal representation you deserve so that you can file your claim in a court of law. If you are ready to get started on winning your Orange County car accident case, call us today for more info.